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    Jon Erskine
    November 23, 2021

    Nothing short of a God Send. This is the best kids dentist ever. I can’t say enough about this office. Dr. College is a miracle worker. The whole office is beyond amazing. My son had a lot of work that needed to be done, which made me very nervous but Dr. College made it seem routine and never did I feel nervous or anxious. Thank you so much and I am so glad to have found Dr. College

    Ashley Saiz
    November 02, 2021

    We were 100% discriminated against. My child has a diagnosis of Autism and has never experienced so much impatience. He wouldn’t sit still for the X-ray so they wouldn’t proceed and didn’t try any method of working with him. They claimed no one told them he had a diagnosis, but it was in his paperwork, and it makes me wonder how they handle other 8 year old children that won’t sit still when they’re uncomfortable. I called to reschedule, and Dr. College was extremely rude. She and her receptionist treated me like an offender that wouldn’t be allowed back in. She wouldn’t reschedule us. I don’t know how this place was ever recommended to us. My family has never been treated this way.

    Stephanie Duran
    July 13, 2021

    The dentist traumatized my child! It was so sad. Found an amazing dentist that is great with kids. I regret taking him here. It took a whole year for him to get over it.

    Cara Dillon
    August 17, 2021

    Dr. College is terrifying and awful to kids. No wonder she wants them to come back with no parents. Shes rude and mean and has traumatized my child who used to love going to the dentist. When I spoke with the dr about how my daughter was treated, she just argued with me the whole time. Do yourself a favor and take your kids elsewhere!

    Alyssa Litzo
    June 29, 2021

    First dentist appointment my 3 year old sons teeth were healthy and beautiful- this dentist applied chemicals and my sons teeth deteriorated almost immediately and started decaying within MONTHS. I asked for no more corrosive & carcinogenic chemicals, and then brought my son again to Dr. College to try and fix what they had done to him. She said there would be no problem, and that she thought he would be fine during his next treatments. I actually believed her. Unfortunately, anything goes for this office to make more money. At the expense of my son. She then found that his teeth had deteriorated even more in that very short time, and she said basically now she had to drill out the entirety of his front top teeth. $$$$ After a long while of her drilling, far more than I'd be willing to endure, he started crying, and getting upset, begging her to stop. She then got very angry with my 3 year old son and said he was "misbehaving", and that he "wouldn't behave" and even suggested that I leave the room so that she and her assistant could "hold him down" and continue drilling with him in misery, screaming. When I told her that was appalling, and absolutely not happening, Dr. College got visibly angry and defensive with me. My sons lips were bleeding in multiple places because she hit him with the drill in his face and lips multiple times. The water rinse almost drowned him to where he was gargling and gasping for air. I find it incredibly hard to believe this woman is a child's dentist. I feel so sorry to all the other parents who left a very similar review to mine means their child also suffered at Dr. College's hand and big pharma practices.

    Kids To College Pediatric Dentistry: College Courtney R DDS

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    10146 W San Juan Way #220, Littleton, CO 80127, USA

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